Vitosha near Sofia – Part 2

Vitosha near SofiaVitosha near Sofia – Part 2

In this article you will learn more about the interesting places near Sofia you can visit. As you already know Vitosha Mountain is just a few kilometers away from the capital of Bulgaria and there is a lot to see and experience there. There is a road to most of the attractions in the mountain so rent a car and come to Bulgaria.

Golden Bridges

First let’s start with the area Zlatnite Mostove which in English would mean Golden Bridges. This is a unique geological phenomenon on the North-West slope of Vitosha Mountain near Sofia. It’s a stone river dating back 5 million years. There are many stone rivers in Bulgaria in other mountains too but this one is maybe the biggest and subsequently the most spectacular one. No wonder it’s one of the favorite destinations for most of the tourists. The huge stones are covered in golden lichen hence the name Zlatni Mostove.

Dragalevski Monastery

Another favorite spot in the mountain is Dragalevski Monastery. This is yet another magical spiritual place in Bulgaria. It is situated in a quiet beech forest near Dragalevtsi housing estate in the outskirts of Sofia. It is so close to the capital of Bulgaria and in the same time so serene and isolated from the hustle and bustle. It was built under the rule of Tsar Ivan Shishman in 1371.

As I already mentioned in my previous article about Vitosha – Vitosha Natural Park near Sofia – Part 1 there are may hiking paths in Vitosha. Maybe the most popular ones are:

  • Aleko Lodge – Platoto Area – Bor Vacation Home – Zlatni Mostove Area

The distance of this path is around 7 kilometers and the duration is roughly two and a half hours.

  • Knyazhevo Housing Estate – Byalata Voda Area – Zlatni Mostove area

The duration is again roughly two and a half hours

  • Boyana Housing Estate – Boyana Lake – Dragalevski Monastery

The distance is approximately 5 km and the duration is around one hour and forty minutes.

Read more about Vitosha Mountain and sites of interest near Sofia, Bulgaria in the next article. Meanwhile check our prices and rent a car!

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