What to do in case of road accident or break down with Smart rent a car vehicle


When drive a car there is always risk of road accident or break down.  Unfortunately this also may happen when you rent a car with Smart rent a car. No matter when may happen with our customers we would like to assure them that after more than 10 year of experience in the rent a car business we know what to do and we will do it fast and the best possible way with minimum negative effects for them.

First to see what our customers have to do in case of road accident. We understand very well that no one drive the car with an intension to get involved in a car accident. This is our main idea when deal with accidents on the road. That why we do not make connection the driver’s fault about the accident with any financial responsibility.

This is the main reason we at Smart rent a car to take the decision to offer our cars with FULL CAR INSURANCE (TOP LEVEL) included in the price. The above decision guarantees on one hand that no matter what happen with rent a car (in case of road accident) our insurance company will cover all damages. On the other hand offering Smart rent a car vehicles with full car insurance included in the price guarantees to our customers that they will pay nothing in case of road accidents no matter if accident is caused by their fault or no. With Smart rent a car FULL INSURANCE means FULL INSURANCE!

But this is not unlimited. In this case our Insurance put some restrictions about the renting conditions make car insurance valid. Valid car insurance makes it possible to claim on the insurance in case of road accident or other accidents covered by the insurance happen on the road.

First restriction is about the age and driving experience of the customers. The person who rent a car with Smart rent a car must be at least 21 year old with at least 1 year experience as a driver ( must hold his driving license for 1 ear or more!).

When car accident with Smart rent a car vehicle happen first thing driver must do is to contact Traffic Police on 166 or 112. That why we require our customers to carry their mobile phones with them while driving. If driver does not contact traffic police for any reason or escape from the accident car insurance does not work any longer and the customer will cover all damages caused by the accident! 166 and 112 are FREE emergency telephone lines no matter of nationality of their mobile operator. When contact any of the above numbers you will be able to speak with operator (English speaking person if needed) to report the accident. You have to give your exact location of the accident because they will send traffic police unit to meet you. After you contact Traffic Police you have to contact one of our 24 hour open emergency office lines.  You can also contact our customer lines only if you would like to ask questions about the car or any other things that we may be able to help. Once you contact Smart rent a car office with your exact location we send a car to meet you and to replace the damaged car so you can carry on your journey as planned. Customers must wait there till Traffic Police unit and our emergency car arrive.

When traffic police arrives they will carry out an alcohol test. The result must be negative (0). If there is an alcohol consumption proved by the test of traffic police unit the car insurance is no longer valid and the drive (customer) must cover all damages caused by the accident.  In this case driver also covers the cost of transporting the car back to Smart rent a car garage in Sofia. The charge is 2 levs per 1 km both ways! Customers also will lose their deposit paid on the car.

When result of alcohol test is negative (0) all damages caused by the car accident will be covered by the insurance company including transport of the damaged cars back to our garage in Sofia/ Varna. Also customers will get their deposit back when return the car at the end of rental period.

In case of break down with Smart rent a car vehicle we do almost the same way. The main difference is that you do not have to contact traffic police. The customers must contact Smart rent a car office by one of our 24 hour open customer lines. After you contact our office and let us know your exact location we send immediately another car to replace the broken down one. Car replacement is absolutely FREE as part of the agreement.

We are grateful if our customers contact as early as possible after they noticed that something is wrong with the car. This could be a suspicious small coming from the engine, red or yellow light from dash board, also strange knocking from engine or suspension. This could save us time and money latter when we fix the car problem.  We always encourage our customers to contact us even if they are not sure if there is a problem just to check with us. In this care we take the decisions and the responsibility if anything goes wrong and could save time and money to both sides.

Finally no matter what happen our customers must know that they are in good hands!


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