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reserving a carReserving a car with Smart rent a car is easy and simple because of our easy to fill in step by step reservation form on the website. Our main idea when we worked on the reservation form design was to save maximum efforts and time to the Smart rent a car Sofia, Varna Bulgaria customers. At the same time we have to make sure we will receive full information about what car hire Sofia, Bulgaria the customer needs and also where and what time to deliver and collect it.

First step our customers have to take when reserving a car hire with Smart rent a car Sofia, Bulgaria is to choose a car from Smart rent a car hire fleet. When click on the box with the cars our customers activate the list with the cars that Smart rent a car company can offer. The cars are arranged from lowest to highest class depending on size, level of comfort they offer and the price for hire. Smart rent a car hire fleet is divided on 6 different classes. The list starts with the lowest and cheapest class of comfort and price car hire Sofia, Bulgaria and ends with our 7 seater vehicles.

The main thing when Smart rent car Sofia, Bulgaria customers choose a  car with us is that they give us an idea about type, size, level of comfort and price of the car hire they would like to reserve with Smart rent a car Sofia, Bulgaria. Because of the limited number of cars we have as a company and we can offer due to circumstances beyond our control such as a car accident, break down or extended period by the previous customer we reserve the right to replace the booked car with the same class or higher one.  In this case the originally agreed price will remain the same.

Next step on the reservation form after our customer choose a car from Smart rent a car hire Sofia Bulgaria is the choice of date and time of delivery and collection of the vehicle they would like to reserve. When activate the date box you will see a calendar of the present month appear. You have an option to move on the next months in order to reserve the car in the near future.  Next box is the one for exact time of delivery and collection of Smart rent a car hire Sofia, Bulgaria.

Smart rent a car company is one of the very car hire companies in Sofia, Varna, Bulgaria that delivers and collects cars for customers 24/7 for FREE in Sofia, Sofia Airport, Varna and Varna Airport.

After the customer fill in the delivery and collection date and time we need to know the delivery and collection place to be able to send a full all inclusive offer. By default Smart rent a car hire customers see Sofia Airport to appear on the first place of delivery only because most of our customers arrive at Sofia Airport.  When you activate to box you will see that other big Airports in Bulgaria appear as possible place of delivery. Apart of the main Airports in the country Smart rent a car hire Sofia Bulgaria delivers and collects cars to each point of Bulgaria against a small delivery and collection charge.  In this box customers can point also as a delivery and collection point hotel, hostel or exact address of delivery.

In the box with the additional services Smart rent a car hire Sofia Bulgaria provides to its customers you can choose between road maps, Sat Nav, baby seat, snow chains, additional driver(s) etc.

After all this is time for Step 2. This is the place where customers fill in their personal details. For successful reservation Step 1 and Step 2 are equally important.

The most important box of Step 2 is customer’s email address. Please pay attention when fill in this part of the reservation form because right information on this section guarantees that we can send back our offer and you will receive it! This is the most important part of the reservation form and again it guarantees that we can make a contact with you and you will receive an all inclusive offer from Smart rent a car Sofia Bulgaria. The other important thing is customer’s contact telephone number. In case of wrong email address sent by mistake we can contact you on the phone to discuss your reservation and to clear the mistakes of the email address. This also helps to make a successful reservation with Smart rent a car hires Sofia, Bulgaria.

We hope that this information was very helpful to all of you! If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us for full information of the services and prices Smart rent a car hire provides.

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