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Rent-a-car-in-Burgas-BulgariaRent a car in Burgas Bulgaria (Tourist attractions)

As I already mentioned Burgas is one of the biggest towns in Bulgaria. Therefore the sights in and around the town are numerous. But even the tourist attractions in town are quite far away from each other so you’ll probably need to rent a car in Bulgaria. Have you checked our discounts yet?

Start your day aesthetically and visit the Art Gallery and the Fine Art Gallery which house both Bulgarian and international paintings. Then get ready for the big museum tour. There’s a lot to see and you’ll enjoy it for sure. There’s a Museum of Nature and Science, a History Museum and an Ethnographic Museum which has an amazing collection of “Kukeri” masks. Perhaps these masks implement one of the oldest Bulgarian traditions. Their purpose is to chase away the evil spirits. Only boys and men can wear these masks. They dress up in costumes made of animal skin and fur and wear heavy copper bells on their belts so that when they dance the bells ring. The masks are unique, each one of them is handmade. A nice finish to this cultural tour will be a visit in the Philharmonic, the Opera House, the Theatre of Drama or the Puppet Theatre. All of them work throughout the season so you can pick your favorite and buy a ticket even in the summer. Before I start with the sights near Burgas I would like to mention two of the most popular music festivals Spirit of Burgas and the International Pop and Jazz Festival Burgas and the Sea. The first one is a huge event in August bringing together musicians from different genres. Bands, singers and DJs come from all over the world. The event usually continues three days and there are different stages. This festival has been nominated for many awards and has also been proclaimed by “Times” for one of the top 20 destinations for music fans.  The other festival is focused only on Bulgarian music. It is held in July and would be an interesting experience for foreign tourists.

Don’t forget to check our cars and prices. Next time we are going on a sightseeing tour out of town.

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