Rent a car and get in Pleven – part 2

rent a car and get in pleven part 2Rent a car and get in Pleven – part 2

Ulpiya Eskus is the name of an old Roman settlement in Bulgaria near Pleven. It is situated near the bank of the Danube. If you travel by car from Pleven you need to go in the direction of Gulyantsi – a small town north of Pleven. This by the way is the easiest way to reach the site because the transportation in this area is really unreliable. So have a look at our prices, rent a car and get in Pleven.

Ulpiya Eskus near Pleven

The history of Ulpiya Eskus is really ancient. Before turning into a roman town it was a Thracian settlement. To earn its independence and become a town with its own management the military camp based there had to fight against the Dakes. After the triumph of Emperor Mark Ulpius Trayan the town was finally declared independent. It became an important crossroad and flourished sround the 2nd- 3rd century AC when the most of the buildings in the town were constructed. The architecture of the town was typically Roman. It had a rectangular shape and the streets were in East-West, North-South direction. Nowadays there ar still remains of old temples, streets and even a basilica. The best part is that this antique piece of history is just a few kilometers away from Pleven in Bulgaria and if you rent a car from us you’ll be there in no time.
The golden age of this magnificent town in Bulgaria was around the 4th entury when it was under the rule of Constantine the Great. In the same time Constantinople became the capital of the Roman Empire so they had to build a bridge over the  Danube. The stone bridge made the importance of the town even bigger. The Emperor himsel came for the opening of the bridge.

Ulpia Eskus was ruined around the 6th century by the Avars and another settlement existed there from ther 10th till the 14th century.

Bulgaria know what a special valuable place this is. The first archeological excavations date back to the 1904-1905. Then between 1947-1951 the study of the town was reinitiated and many discoveries were made. All of the mosaics found there are restored and preserved in the History Museum of Plevem together with other items of significance.

You can read more about Pleven in the article – Rent a car and get in Pleven. Meanwhile make sure you’ve checked our discounts and rented a car.

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