Plovdiv Architectural Reserve

plovdivPlovdiv Architectural Reserve

Plovdiv is one of the biggest and oldest towns in Bulgaria and Europe dating back to 4000 BC. It has been under the control of many empires and it has repeatedly changed its name but this only made its historical heritage richer. When you first visit Plovdiv you will be astonished by the traces of so many different cultures and centuries. There are Oriental Buildings, Thracian fortifications, Roman remains and houses from the Bulgarian Renaissance. The reserve is a small but well preserved area where you can fully realize how the different periods and cultures have layered into a unique mixture and now distinguish Plovdiv from any other place in the world.

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Originally the Thracians set up a fortified settlement on one of the hills in Plovdiv. Then Philip of Macedon conquered the tow around the 2nd century BC and named the town Philipopolis. He also built thicker fortification walls. Later on the Thracians conquered back the town but after many battles lost it to the Romans around the 1st century AC. There is still a fortress from the Thracian Period on top of Nebet Hill.

Under the rule of the Roman Empire Plovdiv changed its name again. It was called Trimontium. The town prospered because it was a very important district centre and as a result many new buildings, roads and other equipment were constructed. Nowadays the well-preserved remains from the Roman Period in Plovdiv are numerous. Read about them in the next article.

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