Aladzha Monastery near Varna -

Aladzha Monastery near Varna

Aladzha Monastery near VarnaAladzha Monastery near Varna

Aladzha monastery is a one of a kind cave monastery in the centre of Zlatni Pyasatsi Nature park only 14 kilometers north of Varna and 3 kilometers west of Zlatni Pyasatsi (Golden Sands Resort). It’s a great choice for a short trip by car. So check our prices here and rent a car. Nobody can say when this monastery near Varna was established but there is some evidence that the area was populated around the early Christian Period 4th-6th century.

What’s most astonishing nowadays is that when you enter the monastery you can still recognize the different room and chambers and their purpose.  It is arranged on two levels in a 40-metre rock. On the 1st level there’s a church, a small cemetery church, a kitchen, a crypt, the cells of the monks and even a small farm.  The monastery chapel is on the 2nd level. There is a group of caves adjacent to the monastery called the Catacombs.  Archeologists have found there pottery, coins, mosaics. The paintings in the monastery chapel indicate that the monastery flourished around 13th – 14th century but then after Bulgaria was conquered by the Ottomans it slowly fell into decline and was eventually abandoned around the 15th – 16th century.

Scientists still haven’t found the Christian name of the monastery. Some say it was named St Spas after Christ the Savior (in Bulgarian Hristos Spasitel). However the name Aladza which comes from Persian-Arabic is also a curious choice because it means colorful.

Today Aldazha monastery near Varna is a popular tourist attraction. Thousands of tourists come to Varna in Bulgaria every year because of the unique combination of the spiritual and the beauty of the nature.  The monastery is set in a quiet forest and there are many rare tree species you can see. On the other hand the spiritual power and significance of this place is enormous. The experience of visiting this place is quite special and mysterious and it is further accentuated by the sound and light show in the monastery and the ancient legends told by the guides there.

This spiritual place has been a monument of architecture in Bulgaria since 1968. Next to it there’s a museum of miniatures and a souvenir shop. Isn’t that the perfect educational tourist attraction?! Experience it! Come to Bulgaria and rent a car from us!